Titles: He's Having Her Baby! and the sequel He's Having His Baby!
Author: Pru ([ profile] rageprufrock)

Episode and type: tag to Sanctuary
Rating: R and NC-17
Categories: slash, first time, humor (crack?)
Pairings: McKay/Sheppard
Warnings: no warnings for the first one, the sequel features mpreg
Wordcount: 6200 and 12100
Podfic: on audiofic read by [ profile] rageprufrock, sequel read by [ profile] jaebi_lit (link thanks to [personal profile] cybel)

Rodney smacked a fist into his opened palm, looking triumphant, practically glowing with discovery. "I knew it," he crowed. "It was so obvious once you took in the various physiological side-effects and the fact that, well, you've been putting on some weight and--"
John put his hands over his stomach self-consciously.
"--you have been dragging around like your hamster just died." Rodney paused. "Or, you know, a crazy alien priestess knocked you up and dumped you."
It sounded crazier every time that Rodney said it, and John marveled at that. Biting back a hysterical giggle, he said, "I tried so hard to hide it, Rodney."

Recommended because...
Fun! So, so much fun, you'll laugh yourself silly!

(This post was edited when [ profile] cybel pointed out that I'd been lazy and inaccurate. Which was true.)


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