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Title: Regroup and Recover
Author: [ profile] friendshipper
Episode: 5x20 Enemy at the Gate missing scene
Rating: PG
Categories: gen, angst
Characters/Pairings: Rodney, Ronon; mention of canonical Rodney/Jennifer and Ronon/Jennifer
Warnings: a bit dark/sad
Wordcount: 1600
Summary: A little Ronon & Rodney wrap-up for the events on the hiveship. I'm categorizing this as gen, but it does deal in a minor way with fallout from canonical pairings in seasons four/five, so it's kinda on the fence, really.

Link to the fic at my journal.
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Title: Colors Seen by Candlelight
Author: [ profile] friendshipper
Episode & type: 5x06, "The Shrine" tag
Rating: G
Category: gen, friendship
Characters: Teyla, Keller, Rodney
Word Count: 1500
Summary: Tag for the end of 5x06, "The Shrine". Teyla has a conversation with Rodney.

Colors Seen by Candlelight.
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Title: That Which is Broken  
Author: Sholio ([ profile] friendshipper)
Episode and type of story: tag for "Trinity"
Rating: PG
Category: gen (drama, h/c)
Characters Team
Wordcount: 60,000
Summary: Following the events of "Trinity", Teyla has a plan to repair the rift in her team ... but it may come at a terrible cost.

Recommended because . . .

Plotty and exciting, with convincing, in-character resolution that's all the more satisfying because it addresses the issues of trust between Ronon and Teyla as well as Rodney and John.

Title: Monster Slayer
Author: Sholio ([ profile] friendshipper)

Episode and type: missing scene from Tao Of Rodney
Rating: PG
Categories: gen
Characters: Sheppard
Warnings: none
Wordcount: 3100

Summary: Sheppard tries to do the thing he does best.

Recommended because...
This is a really, really original idea. We get glimpses into peoples' perception of Sheppard - from major, minor, and original characters. The story is very well written and an insightful read throughout.


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