Title: Radio Nowhere
Author: Hth ([profile] hth_the_first)

Episode and type: tag to Outcast
Rating: PG-13
Categories: Gen
Characters: John, Ronon
Wordcount: 2400


"That didn’t take long," Ronon said.

"Well, we have it down to a science, in my family," John said. "We’re very efficient at making each other unhappy. I just...want to go home now."

Recommended because...

John's lonely and hurting, but Ronon's there.

Title: First Thaw
Author: Hth ([ profile] hth_the_first)

Episode and type: tag to Quarantine
Additional spoilers:  references to characters from Outcast
Rating: PG-13
Categories: Gen
Characters: John, Rodney
Wordcount: 2600

Kind, generous, insightful, yadda yadda yadda. Katie walks on water, Katie is made of shimmering, pure celestial radiance, life without Katie is a sucking void of existential loneliness and pain. At first he really had felt bad for Rodney; by now he was starting to suspect Rodney was just fine-tuning his memoirs. Tomorrow the ban on Rodney just barging into his room and talking to him all goddamn night was totally going back into effect.

Recommended because...

Rodney wants to talk about his feelings. John doesn't.

Title: Steadfast, loyal, and true
Author: [ profile] hth_the_first
Episode and type of story: Draws on "Sateda" (S3) a ton
Additional spoilers: S4 episodes Reunion, Missing, The Seer, Miller's Crossing
Rating: R
Categories: het; action, adventure, backstory, story of Ronon's life
Characters: Ronon, Melena, Teyla, assorted Satedans, assorted other people
Warnings: violence
Wordcount: 22,000 words

Quote: "The recruiting sergeants came through Ronon’s town when he was a month short of sixteen, but it didn’t bother him to lie on his application, putting his birthday a few weeks into his past instead of his future. They gave him two days to put his life in order and be at the pick-up site and told him not to bring anything but a shaving kit and one change of clothes – something sturdy, nothing fancy. Beyond that, he didn’t know what to expect, and he didn’t ask."

Reason for recommending: This story does a gorgeous job of giving us backstory for Ronon. He really comes to life in this one, and so does Sateda, and it's just -- awesome beyond the telling of it. This story has become part of my personal canon for how Ronon became who he is.


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