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Stargate Atlantis Episode-Related Fanfic: Post it! Rec it! Find it!

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Name:Stargate Atlantis Episode-Related Fanfic: Post it!
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I moved this community over from LJ. I did this without informing anyone beforehand. I apologize if anyone is unhappy with this decision. At this point, sga_episodefic is mainly a resource and not much of an active community anymore. At the very least, I wanted to preserve this resource after cutting ties with LJ and this seemed like the best solution. If you posted something to this community on LJ and would like to have it removed from DW, let me know.

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The ultimate goal of this community is to provide a place where you can find a great variety of Stargate Atlantis fanfic related to your episode of choice, simply by clicking on an episode tag.

You can post your episode-related story (or a link to it) here, or you can recommend something you enjoyed, tagging it with an episode-specific tag. May your contribution be gen, het, or slash; all pairings and ratings will be accepted, cross-posting allowed.
Please feel encouraged to come forward with everything you've got up your sleeve, no matter how recent or old, how long or short. If you know of a podfic version, you can also include a link to that.

The answers to your questions

What do you mean, episode-related?
The line is blurry between the simple mention of a certain episode and a direct relation of said episode to the plot of a fanfic. So, where to draw the line?
Ask yourself: Would I understand this fic if I didn't know the episode? If the answer to that question is no, then your fic is episode-related. This is still somewhat vague, but it's really the best indicator.

What tags?
These are the existing tags (in order of appearance):

  • fic and rec

  • the most basic genres: gen, het, slash, femslash – which include pre-(fem)slash – and threesomes/moresomes

  • the type of episode-related fic, namely:

    • missing scene: For missing scenes, obviously. Also applies for fanfic that is set parallel to episode(s).

    • tag: For fanfic set directly after the episode. Also applies if events or situations from the episode are a major plot element, even though the story takes place some time later.

    • episode AU: For fanfic that puts an AU spin on an episode.

  • the seasons

  • the episodes

  • [:podfic] for labeling entries that include a podfic link.

  • author [a:author] and reccer [r:reccer] tags. These will be created by the maintainers if they don't exist yet.

There are rules for posting, right?
Yes. Aren't there always? State clearly whether you are posting a story or a recommendation and what episode you are posting it for. Meaning, make the subject line look something like this [Fic: "Example" by someone (Rising II)] or this [Rec: "More Examples" by someone else (Echoes)]. Then, make sure the following information is included in your post:

Fic/ Rec
Episode and type of story
Additional spoilers (if any)
Rating (Don't forget this!)
Categories (gen/het/..., and further: adventure/friendship/romance/humor/angst/PWP/...)
Character(s) or Pairing(s)
Warnings (Be frank and thorough here!)
Wordcount or filesize
Podfic link and reader (if available)
Summary or quote
(Recommended because:)

For an exemplary rec post, check this, and for an example of a fic post, take a look at this.

Please do not mention any episode spoilers in your entry. Yes, spoilers for the episode your fic is related to are pretty much a given, but no one should be spoilt merely by reading the rec/fic entry.

You can either post a link or put your story in behind an lj-cut. Then, tag it. This should be pretty straightforward. The fic/rec tag, the category tag (*gen/*het/...), the type tag and the episode tag are required! If your entry deals with several episodes, you can use multiple episode tags.

How does this challenge thing work?
Our challenges will be non-regular events; episode-related, of course, and with a specific prompt. Post your challenge response(s) here on sga_episodefic in the space of three weeks after the opening.
Note that cross-posting is not allowed for the duration of the challenge!
You can of course post a link to your story on your own journal, and you can re-post it anywhere you want once the challenge has been closed.

Add the line
Challenge: example
to your entry, and put the challenge title in the subject line, like this [Fic: "More New Examples" by another someone (The Storm / Example Challenge)].

The rules for posting, as described above, also apply for challenge responses. Tag your posts accordingly and add the specific challenge tag. This way your story will show up during the usual episode-related search, and it will be displayed with all challenge responses after selecting the challenge tag.

Should you be struck by the ultimate awesome episode-related challenge prompt, tell us in a comment on an admin entry. It may very well be our next challenge!

Is my post in danger of being deleted?
If it fits one of the following categories, then yes:
  • Stories/recs with no direct relation to SGA episodes. That's self-explanatory, right?

  • Rec double posts. If a certain story has already been rec'ed here, you can join in on the praise in the existing entry. (Note that it is explicitly allowed to recommend a story that's been posted here under a fic tag before.)

  • Flames/spam/other kinds of abuse. The usual suspects.

If you should stumble across any of the above, please report it to a maintainer.

This isn't what I was looking for - Where else can I go?
If you want to perform a broader genre search for SGA fiction, go to sgagenrefinders, stargateficrec, or stargate_search.
To find a certain story, visit the very helpful sgastoryfinders.

That was so not what I wanted to ask - Where can I complain?
You can contact the pilot of this vessel unadrift by commenting on an admin post, or on unadrift(at)googlemail(dot)com. The copilot tacittype can be reached on tacittype(at)googlemail(dot)com.

- Possibly helpful stuff -

How do I search for multiple tags?
It works this way (not only here, everywhere else, too): rising (1), *gen
Just type in /tag/ behind the community address, and add the tags you want to search for, separated by commas. This is an 'or' search, meaning that every entry that is tagged with either one of the above will turn up.

What can I do about these annoying adult content warnings?
Log in. As a logged-in user you won't get the warnings - if you're over eighteen, that is.

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