TITLE: "Sometimes A Bath Is Just A Bath"
AUTHOR: Helena K.
EPISODE AND TYPE OF STORY: S5.03, Broken Ties: episode tag
RATING: PG-13/T (for concept and some swear words)
CATEGORIES: pre-slash; non-specific general nudity
CHARACTER: Rodney McKay/John Sheppard
DEDICATION: Who else? The Flan and The Hewlett. For five fabulous years.
WARNINGS: Rating for thoughts of the meaning of marriage and ... thoughts of Rodney.
SPOILERS for Broken Ties, obviously; epilogue for The Shrine and an emotional spoiler for Tracker.
WORDCOUNT: 3,285 words
SUMMARY: John feels as if his team is splintering. He prowls around the city until he finally ends up at Rodney's door.
QUOTE: “Come on Rodney, you can't spend all your time off in a stupid bathtub.”
“It's not stupid. And I told you, I get some of my best ideas in the tub.”
DISCLAIMER: The characters belong to a whole bunch of alphabetical entities. I know the Polish alphabet. Not the same thing. Not for profit, just fun.
FEEDBACK: I'm in the tub, thinking. Please leave a message. ::giggles::
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