Title: Grow Up to Your Ruin
Author: [livejournal.com profile] alipeeps
Chapters: 3
Rating: T
Genre: gen
Spoilers: 5x02 - The Seed
Wordcount: c.10,000 total

Summary: Shep-whumpy missing scene tag fic to The Seed.

Destroy the seed of evil, or it will grow up to your ruin
Author: [livejournal.com profile] alipeeps
Chapters: 1/1
Word count: c. 5,000
Rating: T
Genre: Gen
Spoilers: Episode 5x01 - Search and Rescue
Summary: What happened after the beam out... and just why did Keller do what she did? Missing scene tag fic for Search and Rescue. Shep whumpy, naturally. :D

Revised Diagnosis
Title: To The Power of Three
Author: [livejournal.com profile] alipeeps
Episode and type: Trio - AU reworking
Rating: K+
Categories: Drama/Gen/AU
Pairings: None
Warnings: None
Chapters: 3/3
Wordcount: c. 20,000

Summary: The episode Trio, rewritten to feature McKay, Sheppard and Beckett.

A/N: This story started out with the simple idea of rewriting the episode Trio to include Sheppard. Somehow, from there, it morphed into the idea of rewriting the episode with Sheppard instead of Carter and Carson instead of Keller.. and eventually became an AU, pre-Sunday version of the episode, involving the original (Seasons 2-3) SGA cast. All the events and dialogue are taken from the episode (except where it was necessary to rewrite to fit the characters involved).
Title: Time and Tide
Author: Alipeeps
Chapters: 1/2
Word count: c. 3,000
Genre: Hurt/Comfort
Rating: T
Pairings: None
Spoilers: The Last Man
Summary: Missing scene to The Last Man - of sandstorms and stasis chambers.
Title: A World of Hurt: Oxygen
Author: Alipeeps
Episode: No Man's Land
Rating: T
Category: Whump
Pairing: None
Warnings: None

Summary: "The air was getting thin."

Sheppard-whumpy tag fic to the episode No Man's Land.. first in a (still to be completed - *slaps own wrist*) series of whumpy tags to Season 3 episode.
A long, long time ago (i.e. at the start of Season 3!) I decided to write a Shep-whumpy tag fic for every Season 3 episode. Needless to say, I got horribly behind and have still not completed the series (though I fully intend to, eventually!). The fics are intended to be as close to canon as possible, fitting in as missing scenes and tags around the canon events and they work as a series, with the events of one fic sometimes following on to the next. As they are all episode-related fics, I figured I may as well post them here and to save spamming the comm with multiple posts, I shall link to the whole series here:

This way for links to the A World of Hurt series: )


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