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You voted yourselves a Thirty-Eight Minutes challenge! Here goes:

"I hate those bugs."

Yeah, John, we know that.

The Wraith inject their victims with the enzyme to keep them alive as long as possible. Isn't it safe to assume the Iratus bug does something similar to John, given their close genetic relation?

If John is injected with a bug enzyme the aftereffects are anybody's guess. Well, actually, we make them yours!

Will John go renegade like Ford did in The Siege? Go all aggressive like Ronon and Teyla in The Lost Boys, or strung out and manic like Rodney in The Hive? Or will heretofore unknown effects befall him?

I'm curiously awaiting entirely new enzyme insights...

The Aftereffects Challenge (tag :c:aftereffects) will be open until Sunday, March 2, 2008.

New challenge suggestions are very welcome, just comment here.


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