TITLE: "Sometimes A Bath Is Just A Bath"
AUTHOR: Helena K.
EPISODE AND TYPE OF STORY: S5.03, Broken Ties: episode tag
RATING: PG-13/T (for concept and some swear words)
CATEGORIES: pre-slash; non-specific general nudity
CHARACTER: Rodney McKay/John Sheppard
DEDICATION: Who else? The Flan and The Hewlett. For five fabulous years.
WARNINGS: Rating for thoughts of the meaning of marriage and ... thoughts of Rodney.
SPOILERS for Broken Ties, obviously; epilogue for The Shrine and an emotional spoiler for Tracker.
WORDCOUNT: 3,285 words
SUMMARY: John feels as if his team is splintering. He prowls around the city until he finally ends up at Rodney's door.
QUOTE: “Come on Rodney, you can't spend all your time off in a stupid bathtub.”
“It's not stupid. And I told you, I get some of my best ideas in the tub.”
DISCLAIMER: The characters belong to a whole bunch of alphabetical entities. I know the Polish alphabet. Not the same thing. Not for profit, just fun.
FEEDBACK: I'm in the tub, thinking. Please leave a message. ::giggles::
DISTRIBUTION: Posted to my LJ; cross-posted to [ profile] sga_episodeficand [ profile] mckay_sheppard; Archive – Wraithbait; anybody else, please ask.
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Broken Memories
Author [ profile] leesa_perrie
Episode Broken Ties - Missing Scene
Rating PG
Categories Gen, Angst
Characters McKay, Sheppard
Wordcount 1,736
Summary Rodney remembers, and worries about his teammate...

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Title: A Transient Memory
Author: [ profile] skinscript
Rating: G
Genre: General
Spoilers: Broken Ties (5.03)
Warnings: I think I swore in here somewhere.
Wordcount: ~950
Disclaimer: Seriously?
Posted at: [ profile] sga_episodefic

Summary: Broken Ties episode tag. Lorne is the only one left who knows, and Rodney would just as soon keep it that way.

Tyre stank of something hauntingly familiar and utterly disgusting.

Title: The Handoff
Author: [ profile] kisahawklin
Rating: G
Characters: Woolsey, Torren, Kanaan
Episode: 5.03 Broken Ties
Categories: gen
Warnings: none
Word count: ~375
Author’s Notes: Speed betaed by the lovely [ profile] soleta

Richard took Torren because Teyla hadn't really given him much choice in the matter
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Title: Know Thyself for What Thou Art (~3,400 words)
Author: [ profile] xparrot
Episode: tag to 5x03, "Broken Ties"
Characters: Ronon, Rodney, everyone (gen)
Rating: PG
Summary: Ronon knows guilt. What he doesn't know--what he didn't know, before this--is shame.
Title: Not Starsky
Author: Helen W. ([ profile] wneleh)
Episode: Broken Ties (5x03) missing scenes
Rating: R for theme and remembered bigotry
Category: gen
Major Characters: John, Rodney, discussion of Ronon
Wordcount: ~800
Disclaimer: Not mine, etc. etc.
Summary: John's not Starsky, Ronon's not Hutch, Rodney's not Huggy Bear.

Part of the Season Five fic challenge.

Not Starsky )
Title: Been There
Author: [ profile] keefaq
Word count: 1284
Episode Tag for 5.03 Broken Ties

Summary: John just wants to avoid the whole subject.

Been There
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Beginning and Beginning Again
Author: [personal profile] facetofcathy 
Rating: PG I guess, contains the usual amount of profanity.
Categories: John/Ronon - mentions Jennifer and Rodney in passing.
Wordcount: 2,200 words

Summary:  Rodney has lifted his head from his lab long enough to notice Keller.  John's just looking for someone to eat with. 

Fic: Forgiveness Unbidden
Author: [ profile] sheafrotherdon
Episode and type of story: 5x03: Broken Ties. Tag.
Rating: PG
Category: Gen
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Ronon, John, Teyla, Rodney
Wordcount:~ 625
Summary: Ronon's POV

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