Title: Progress
Author: [livejournal.com profile] raging_pancake
Rating: PG 13 for a little language
Characters: Meredith McKay, John Sheppard, Ronon Dex, Teyla Emmagen, Elizabeth Weir, Carson Beckett with a special appearance by Teer
Genre: Episode Related, Drama
Spoilers: For "Epiphany"
Word Count: 1,627
Summary: An AU tag to "Epiphany" set in my Meredithverse. John thought he might have been abandoned. Meredith thinks he's an idiot but she rescues him anyway.
Title: Those Left Behind @ [livejournal.com profile] sga_flashfic
Author: [livejournal.com profile] darsynia
Episode and type of story: tag to 2.12 Epiphany
Additional spoilers: The Hive
Rating: G
Categories: gen, friendship
Character(s): John Sheppard, Rodney McKay
Warnings: none
Wordcount or filesize: ~1,300 words
Podfic link and reader: Here (right click, save as), read by me

Summary or quote:

"We missed you, you know."

Title: Six Months
Author: rizzo
Episode and type of story: tag for "Epiphany"
Rating: R
Category: slash
Pairing: Sheppard/McKay
Wordcount: 2098
Summary or quote: John has another life to learn to put aside now.

Title: As Lost As You Get
Author: Lily ([livejournal.com profile] lilysaid)

Episode and type: episode AU for Epiphany
Rating: NC-17
Categories: slash, angst, first time
Pairings: McKay/Sheppard
Warnings: none
Wordcount: 10000

Rodney keeps waiting for Sheppard to round everyone up for a debriefing, a meeting, something to remind everyone of their places. He waits, but it doesn’t happen. The closest thing to an official command is when Elizabeth asks Rodney to draw up plans for a shelter to fit the Atlantis team during their stay. Part of him wants to protest—it’s too permanent—but he’s tired of crawling out of his tent every morning and sitting, miserable and aching, at the breakfast table while Teer serves up plates of her nut bread with light, graceful steps. She always gives Sheppard the largest piece, and touches his arm as she serves him.

Recommended because...
Words (almost) fail me here. Utterly awesome characterization of both Rodney and John, brought along by their involuntarily prolonged stay in the Ancients' safe haven.


Title: Revelations

Episode and type: tag to Epiphany
Rating: PG-13
Categories: slash
Pairings: McKay/Sheppard
Warnings: none
Wordcount: 1900

He gives it three hours. By the time night is just creeping over the ocean, he’s decided patience and understanding are overrated. It takes him about five minutes to get to John’s door, the first and last of which he spends being righteously determined. He fills the middle three with being slightly more uneasy in unspecified ways.

Recommended because...

Stillane writes beautifully, as always. It's a poignant look at the real reason Rodney would be pissed at John sleeping with Teer.
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