Title: most quiet need
Characters/Pairings: Dr.Biro/Miko Kusanagi, Radek Zelenka
Rating: PG
Genre: femslash
Episode(s): "The Lost Boys" / "The Hive"
Summary: It had been two days since Dr. McKay had returned high as a kite on an alien enzyme and Colette had started cross-checking Carson's findings.
Notes: Written for the "GA...10 Years Later Fest
Title: Tribulations
Author: [livejournal.com profile] raging_pancake
Rating: PG 13 for some language
Characters: Meredith McKay, John Sheppard, Ronon Dex, Carson Beckett
Genre: Angst, Episode Related
Spoiler Warnings: For "The Lost Boys/The Hive"
Word Count: 2,337
Summary: An AU episode tag to "The Lost Boys/The Hive" set in my Meredithverse. Meredith is suffering from enzyme withdrawal and Sheppard comes to an important conclusion.
Title: Thinking Clearly
Author: [livejournal.com profile] rolleson
Fandom: SGA
Rating: ADULT
Character/Pairing: McKay/Jace (the blonde guy from The Lost Boys).
Spoilers: The Lost Boys
Warnings: sex.
Summery: Set during 2.10 The Lost Boys
Notes: I was watching said episode today, and this just needed to be written. 527 words.

(He had a hot blonde on his knees)

Title:  Trust
Episode and type of story:  The Lost Boys - Missing Scene
Additional spoilers:  Spoilers Lost Boys
Rating:  G
Categories:  Gen
Pairing:  McKay/Sheppard (pre-slash)
Warnings:  None
Word Count:  613
Of all the unknown quantities in the Pegasus galaxy, and there were many, the one constant was Rodney's innate ability to feel superior, and the irresistibility to demonstrate that superiority at every given opportunity.

I've revisited another of my [info]mini_nanowrimo stories.  I thought I'd cross post several of the better ones here.  I promise not to spam.  Some of the earlier ones were only posted to my journal, so I thought I'd share.

Trust... )

Title: The Limitations Of Force
Author: Zoe Rayne ([livejournal.com profile] z_rayne)

Episode and type: missing scene from The Lost Boys
Rating: NC-17
Categories: threesome
Pairings: John/Ronon/Teyla
Warnings: none
Wordcount: 3800
Summary: John never sees these things coming.

Recommended because...
Uh. Hot. And, and-- hot?


Title: Handout
Author: Lily ([livejournal.com profile] lilysaid)

Episode and type: tag to The Lost Boys, AU from there
Rating: NC-17
Categories: slash, angst, h/c, first time
Pairings: McKay/Sheppard
Warnings: mention of drug abuse and addiction
Wordcount: 8000

"We all have our breaking point," John says tightly, in a low, dangerous voice that usually shuts people up. But Rodney is not other people, so he nods intently and looks distractedly around the room as though he can find a better answer there.
"And yours is...what, exactly?"

Recommended because...
The general idea alone is worth reading this fic -- times a thousand if you take the scarily accurate characterization of John into account. In the aftermath of the enzyme disaster (with that AU spin on it), Rodney is dealing with the damage his addiction has done, to John's continuing ignorance as to why he is affected by this so much. An amazing fic.

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